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Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide (CNA)

Anyone who would like to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), in New York State, must attend and graduate from a school that is licensed by both the NYS Education Department and the NYS Department of Health.

We run an excellent 125 hour (95 hours in the classroom and 30 hours externship) CNA program and have four different class schedules to accommodate our students. Our school has a solid track record which can be seen on the public records of the NYS Nurse Aide Registry website.

CNAs work in various healthcare facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities. CNAs have to perform various duties depending on the facility they work. Regardless of where you work, many of the responsibilities will be the same.

The main duty of the CNA is the daily management of their patients. CNAs take care of the routine needs of the patients and report about the health of patients to their supervising RN. Often, the CNA has more direct contact with the individual patients than doctors, specialists, or other nurses. This is due to the fact that the CNA is responsible for direct patient care and personal needs They include everyday personal activities of residents include bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, hydrating and eating, exercising, ambulating, brushing teeth and hair care. These activities also include making patients’ living conditions as safe and comfortable as possible by keeping the patients’ rooms neat and clean, making beds, adjusting lighting and room temperature, removing potential safety hazards or sources of personal injury.

Steps in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant:

  • Enroll in our Nursing Assistant Program.  (The law requires that all nursing assistant graduates attend a licensed school such as Access Careers)
  • Complete your CNA program. (NY State requires 125 hours of training in order to graduate.  Access Careers breaks this down into 96 clock hours or classroom training followed by 30 hours of internship hours at a RHCF.  It is the student’s responsibility to give the school a completed physical that was performed within the last 6 months as a pre-requisite to attend the internship)
  • Prepare for your certification exam. You’ll take this after graduation; it consists of 55 to 70 multiple choice questions plus a clinical exam.
  • Take your exam and pass it. You can’t receive your certification until you pass the CNA exam
  • Obtain your state license. This varies by state, but most require that nursing aides have an active license to practice.
  • Apply for a CNA job at one of the senior facilities in your area. Comply with any pre-employment screenings
  • Keep Your License Active.  To work as a CNA, one must keep an active and non-expired license. To keep an active status, federal regulation requires individuals to be employed as CNAs, or to work in a nursing-related occupation. To keep the license from expiring, one must not have more than a total of 24 months of a break in employment.


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