Access Careers invites all students past and present to let us know what you think !

My name is Jaqueline.  I was previously a student there and am now in my last semester of nursing school. I shared my experience with one of my club mentors, and I genuinely believe that the preparation you provided was an essential foundation for my nursing career.

“Jaqueline Valeria Calderon” 11/2/22

I had a wonderful and very educational experience at Access Careers in Hempstead, New York. I learned a lot of valuable information and hands on skills. The staff was very friendly and helpful to me. I had the good fortune of being in Ms. Piper’s class. She was very responsive to questions and always was ready to help me. I am thankful for Access Careers in helping me to continue my goal of becoming a nurse. I highly recommend attending the Certified Nursing Assistant Program to help develop the necessary skills and knowledge to begin a career in the health professions.


I was extremely fortunate to come across Access Careers in Hempstead. The Certified Nursing Assistant course surpassed all my expectations. The course is worth every penny. The courses are well organized, they give you all the tools you could possibly need to be successful, there is absolutely no excuse to fail. The staff is friendly, professional, approachable and they truly have the students best interest from the first day. My journey began January 2018 and both my mentors, Nurse Augello and Nurse Roots were nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL. For me, the Nursing Assistant course was a stepping stone in my journey to become a Registered nurse. I walked away with not only a certification, but mentors who believed in me, and pushed me to be the best, a quality education, a job, and an acceptance letter to nursing school.
“When you want something bad enough, the universe will align to make sure you get it. “
Words will not suffice to express my gratitude to everyone at ACCESS CAREERS. Thanks a billion!

“Lucia Nunez “

I took Phlebotomy and EKG and graduated in the summer of 2015. The EKG course was taught by a cardiologist, who was great!! Very knowledgeable and funny. The Phlebotomy teacher was wonderful and thorough as well. There are only two classes to practice sticks and I only got four, so it’s hard to find a job, but I did get an internship for EKG and am now working as an M.A.

” Tara “

I am so thankful with Access Career’ personel for all their help with my payment plan. Mrs. Piper was a great teacher who answered all my questions. I had recently passed my state board test. I must say also the Mrs. Yolanda was very helpful scheduling my test. Thank you .

“Maria C “

As a 38 yr. old returning to school I have to say this was a wonderful experience. My teacher for both classewas Dr. Duree and she was very informative and kind. All of the staff were very helpful and kind as well; Ms.Yolanda, Ms. Mini, & Ms.Muzik as well as everyone els. Thank you so much for this experience. And maybe I’ll see you again soon!! .

“Adrienne Trimboli “

I’ve been out of school for a lot of years and had no knowledge of the medical field. I when into the EKG course scare not knowing what to expect. I pass the NHA and the course all thanks to DR Reza. He didn’t only teach me to pass the classes and test, I found a new love for the human body and medical field. Thank you so much ❤️

“Katty “

I completed the MA program! It was an awesome experience. I learned so much, the teachers were great and the administrative staff were outstanding. Anything and everything I needed help with they were also available to assist me. At the end of the program, they found me the best internship. I was hired full time and I love everything about my job, it is perfect!!! it is completely amazing and everything that I learned at Access Career I use every day. It is truly a great school, a great program and the people that run it and teach it are really there to help the students 100%!! I am in deed very thankful to them all and I recommend this school sincerely 100%!!

” Barbara Armas “

I took the weekend CNA course, taught by Nurse Williams. Nurse Williams is very thorough, and she makes it her mission to make sure you’ve learned the material necessary to be successful in a work environment. She makes herself available for extra help if needed, and was a pleasure to learn from. Tay and Victoria who work in the office are a hoot! Seriously, they are extremely approachable and helpful, and stand by the students. Kiran is helpful too. Yolanda is on her game and is extremely friendly. I didn’t have many interactions with Minni, but she calls me Tom Cruise, so she’s good by me! In all seriousness, the staff at Access demonstrate their dedication to their students often, and allow extra practice for free, where most schools charge for that privilege. The course is expensive, but fair payment plans are available and you’ll earn the money back from the job you get quickly. Thank you to Access Careers!

” Adam “

I would highly recommend Access Careers to anyone who is motivated to improving themselves whilst setting a strong foundation for a job in the medical field. I took the CNA course with Ms. Williams and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had her instruction. The wealth of knowledge she holds from decades of experience and her ability to present the proper techniques in a concise manner really made my certification and licensing a successful one. Ms. Williams also made the course fun and although there is a lot of material presented, the class time does go by quickly. Also, the entire front office team is also ready and willing to support you in your success. A special thanks to Victoria as she was the first person whom I contacted remained instrumental in helping me along the way in providing answers from payment options to job search information. These folks are truly here to help you succeed on a new career path. So, for anyone looking around at CNA programs, and you want the best instruction and support, choose Access Careers!

” Andrew Wilkes “

i am taking the medical assistant class and it the best class. Mrs Macyzk is the best teacher i have for the ma classes . she explains everything and go into great detail with the class notes. if you have questions she will go over and beyond the make sure that you understand the materials for that day. love the teacher the students, and the staff. great school.

” Camille Green “

I was in the cna class back in August 2014 and was taught by Mrs . Williams. She was a great teacher and very thorough with her lessons. I just want to tell her thank you for everything beause i recently took my state boards and passed. I had a nice experience with the school and would recommend friends to attend.

” Ani “

I did my CNA training at Access Careers, and I got the opportunity to study in a very safe and clean environment. They have excellent teacher’s, a great staff and all the supplies you need to become a well rounded Certified Nurse Aide. Any questions you have about their program’s just called and ask for Ms.Yolanda, she is very good. I passed and I am now a Certified Nurse Aide.

” Shauna Clarke “

I had a great experience at Access! Mrs. Williams was THE BEST! She was very patient and accommodating; I truly enjoyed my experience.

” Nakia “

I DID A cna class, the experience was a beautiful thing. i love my teacher Mrs Williams, i learned so much and every one was great. thank you Miss Mini for everything .

” Bernadette “

Thank you nurse decosta! I was so prepare and confident when I took my CNA test. All because of your great teaching skill, I can’t say it enough thank you!

” Mary McLoone “

I will definitely recommend this school to any of my friends. I really had a great experience there. I like the fact they actually work around my schedule. Nurse DeCosta was a great teacher, she make sure you did everything the proper way. I really enjoyed my time here. Come to Access you wont regret it

” Carine Moleon “

I took the Medical Assistant course at this school and I enjoyed being in Ms. Jodi Smith’s class. She is a very thorough and teaches you everything you need to know in order to learn the material and learn the hands on skills. She is very patient and makes sure that you not only understand the material, but that you learn it.

” Keisha “

I did my cna here and passed my boards, wonderful experience, clean environment, friendly staff, good teachers and you get much needed supplies inoder for you to pass the class and the boards. Just study and apply yourself. A big shout out to Ms. Rondello, Debbie, Lynne, Minni, Jim.

” Shauna Stewart “

Mrs.Williams Class was very fun. She is very knowledgable and she has an amazing teaching style, where you can see that she is truly passionate about her curriculum. God bless her for everything she does for her students.

” Elizabeth Mansur “

This past summer I took the 6 week CNA course at Access Careers in Hempstead, and on friday the 5th i past my state board test. The school and my teacher did a great job in preparing me for the test and i enjoyed every minute of it.

” James Diana “

I am very grateful for your kind help and your support during my study at your fine institution, you’ve all showed me much love and encouragement of which I will always be very grateful to you and happy mothers day to you all.

” Telesha Vernon “

I took my CNA class here, Ms.Randello is excellent teacher. friendly staff, Lynne, Yolanda always help the students. I would like to go back because it was a good time taking the class.

” Lorena “

I was a student in 2012,received certification in all above.everything was on time and very well organized.they assisted me with a resume and also helped me for the work world thumbs up to the staff at access.

” Lisa Thompson “

I recently completed a CNA program and just passed my state board exams. I felt very well prepared when sitting for both the written and clinical exams. Thank you Mrs. Rondello for being such a great teacher.

” Christine Bellucci “

The class was a wonderful experience miss Rondello is a very good instructor Mr Judge was very helpfull

” Marcella Norizsan “


” Jodiann B. “